Cooperate Social Responsibility

Cooperate Social Responsibility

At our company, we take great pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit. It's a vital part of our operations and is responsible for ensuring that we are doing our part in making a positive impact on the communities where we conduct mining projects.
Our voluntary initiatives are designed to enhance the lives of local communities by improving their social, economic, and environmental conditions. Unlike legal obligations, contracts, and licence agreements, these initiatives are a result of our desire to give back to the communities that have supported our business over the years.
Through our CSR programs, we prioritize investing in infrastructure such as providing access to clean drinking water, electricity, building schools and hospitals, fixing drainage issues, and creating roads. We also believe in building social and human capital by offering high-school and university education, workshops on gender issues, promoting and providing skills on microbusiness, aquaculture, crop cultivation, animal rearing, and textile production.
Additionally, we are committed to upskilling locals to be employed by the mining enterprise or provide outsourced services. These programs are just a few examples of our commitment to sustainable development and our promise to give back to the communities we operate in.

Our Vision

To become the major Gold Dealers in Africa who will build a private Gold processing plant that is eco-friendly and employing mostly local individuals.

Competitive Prices

Because we mine & source gold from local miners, our Gold Prices are very competitive compared to other suppliers. The pricing is transparent!

Professional Services

Besides being being a team of local Gold dealers, we have acquired internationally needed skills while dealing with our clients.


We deal with different people who have unique schedules, we understand the task and we pride in having flexible work schedule.


All our precious metal are sourced, documented and sold in an authentic way. Your gold will never face legal challenges.

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